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As long as current circumstances prevail, these poetry talks will be recorded and uploaded to Youtube where only you who book will have access. 
A link giving you access will then be sent to you on the day of the talk, which will continue to be available to bookers after that.
It is hoped to arrange live transmission of these talks soon.

Events Currently Scheduled

Experience poetry over several hours or several days

2 hour talk

William Wordsworth 250 - World Poets

Revolutionary Romantic poet of childhood, nature and the Lakes
Online from 28 May

2 hour talk

Edna St Vincent Millay – World Poets

Brilliant sonneteer and pioneer
London 22 July

2 hour talk

Coleridge – World Poets

Romantic and fantastic poet of the imagination
London 13 August

2 hour talk

Anna Akhmatova - World Poets

Anna Akhmatova, poet-champion of the Russian people
West Bay 25 September

2 hour talk

Shakespeare the Poet - World Poets

Long poems, sonnets, aria-like moments in the plays
Taunton 28 September

2 hour talk

Edward Thomas - World Poets

Poet of Adlestrop, nature and the War

2 hour talk

Poetry Is Communication

Poems that connect with us


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Graham’s most popular talk is what he calls a ‘lecture-performance-with-readings’. Its aim is to entertain as well as to inform, and it runs in two 45-minute halves with a 20-minute interval. Audiences over the years have said how they enjoy the interweaving of poems and biography with Graham’s own highly individual ‘take’ on both. "You took a unique approach, sent me in directions I hadn't expected and left me wanting to discover more for myself", said Christine Murphy after the Neruda lecture in Lewes.

Events On Request - Check events above for current schedule

Click on each picture to see the range of events on offer.  Some of these will be added to the top schedule as dates are arranged.  All are available on request to groups, festivals, and others.

Seven Olympians

Seven poets whose prowess on the page made them national heroes


World Poets

Separate talks about poets from UK, US, Spain, Russia and more


The Book You Always Meant to Read

Dante's Divine Comedy


Samuel Pepys

Pepys and his contemporaries


Poetry is Communication

Your personal relationship with poetry



The walks usually last for two hours, and are offered in Central London, in Hampstead and in Highgate. Graham develops a literary adventure story in different episodes by tapping into the great interest people have in linking poems to the places where they were written or the poets lived. The idea is to stay out in the open air as we pass these landmark addresses, but just now and again it proves possible to put our heads round The Door.

Poets’ Walks

Five different walks in Central London and Highgate


Word & Image

Art has inspired poets and writers for as long as there have been words and images, and the opposite is just as fascinatingly true. The walls of ruined houses in Pompeii have paintings made possible by legend, myth and narrative. Whenever such stories in literature and poetry has the capacity to inspire the eye and ear with equal force, painters, sculptors and illustrators alike are to be found rushing to re-deliver that impact in the language of paint and word.

Word and Image

Relationships between poetry and art



These can last for anything between one and four days and be residential or non-residential. Graham reads aloud, or projects poems onto a screen, or provides handouts. The idea is to experience being full-time with the word, so that what we knew or did not know beforehand becomes of less importance than what we come to discover outside or inside ourselves in the moment. So these retreats are rare opportunities to hear the poems deeply, reflect on them, and, if and when we wish to, share the insights they encourage in us. It is very much a reading together, and not an academic exercise, so you’re not expected to analyse poems in a literary way. Instead, we can concern ourselves simply with the ways poetry can speak to our deepest selves.


Residential or non-residential events from 1-4 days


On Request

All events are available on request. Please view the events list above for current dates or contact me to express your interest.

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Top picture: Graham teaching a group at Martha’s Vineyard, photo by kind permission of Sarah Glazer

Seven Olympians: Emily Dickinson, daguerreotype
World Poets: D H Lawrence, courtesy of the Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Yale University
The book you always meant to read: Dante Alighieri, Giotto di Bondone
Samuel Pepys by John Hayls, National Portrait Gallery
Poetry is Communication: Girl with stylus and tablet, fresco, Pompeii
Walks: Russell Square
Word and Image: Johannes Vermeer: Woman in Blue Reading a Letter c.1662-3
Retreats: Othona West Dorset