Poetry is Communication

1 hour or 75 minutes

Poetry is Communication

Poetry Is Communication was originally commissioned as the lead lecture for a conference on Poetry and Communication held at the University of Milan’s campus at Feltre in the pre-Alps and given there in Italian in 2000. In it, Graham invites his audience to live and re-live their own personal relationship with all the poetry they have ever read and listened to since they were old enough to find pleasure and meaning in it, so that they go away at the end not only remembering what has always communicated and meant so much to them but cherishing its depths afresh, even as though for the first time. If you would like Graham to provide this talk for your group, please use the contact details below for more information.

Poetry Is Communication is also now available as a recording. It launched Graham’s online series at the end of March and was then re-recorded to ensure good technical qualilty. It is in two parts, runs for a total of 70 minutes, and is available as a special offer at £5. If you would like to have a link to the talk, which is accessible on YouTube to bookers only, please write to Graham at grahamkfawcett@gmail.com for details. 

I finally managed to sit down and listen to Poetry is Communication (my own delay) and enjoyed it very much indeed. It is wonderful, for a start, to have all that poetry read to one, but then to have your wise and imaginative thought linking it all together is a stimulating and restorative blessing after a day of sadness for the world and personal fatigue and frustration (brought on by internet incompetence!).
Brenda Herbert
Online version
Audience response to Poetry Is Communication - Village Hall, Wye, Kent, 17 June 2019 "Your talk last Monday to the Wye Arts Association, was unlike any other. Your lyrical presentation, illustrating through poets and poetry the heart and meaning of your talk, was uplifting, stimulating and challenging. It was received differently by each of us attending, depending on how we have experienced the depths of poetry, but, nevertheless, greatly appreciated by all".
Wye Arts Association

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