Venue: The Great Chamber, Sutton House, 2&4 Homerton High Street, London E9 6JQ

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Ovid - Seven Olympians series

Consummate showman and stand-up comic, the Ovid we still enjoy 2000 years on is a spellbinding re-teller of myths and an agony uncle who gives us a mirror in which to see ourselves all at sea in relationship. Don’t make an epic out of Love, he says. I’m not. Besides, your attitudes, if they’re anything like mine, need debunking. Be my guest.

And before we know it, our attitudes have been debunked, for the better. His brilliance is that of a metrical gymnast who makes us gasp at the outrageous virtuosity of his mastery of form and content and at how naturally he speaks to our own times.

“A wonderful lecture, both informative and entertaining”. I was fascinated to learn about the forgotten female poets who translated him”.
Sally Jenner
Ovid Night in Lewes

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This is one of six new lectures by Graham in the Great Chamber at Sutton House from April to September 2020. See Events Currently Scheduled for full information and booking for each talk. The complete series features:  

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Top picture: Eugene Delacroix, Ovid Among The Scythians (1862)

Lower picture: Nicolas Poussin, The Triumph of Ovid (detail, c. 1625) 

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