Look Here Upon This Picture

Look Here Upon This Picture: Painting Shakespeare's Plays

Venue: The University Women’s Club, 2 Audley Square, London W1K 1DB (map below)

Look Here Upon This Picture

“Look Here Upon This Picture”, Hamlet’s demand to his mother that she hold his dead father’s picture in one hand and new husband Claudio’s in the other, becomes our cue for a weekly opportunity to compare works of art inspired by Shakespeare by walking through the each picture’s frame and into his plays. In painting after painting, we will see how artists have felt driven to recreate the enduring charisma of the Bard’s most famous characters and the excitement of his plot-lines, and so celebrate the dramatic turning-points in some of his greatest plays, which changed lives then and have done so ever since for theatregoers and readers alike.

Full programme week on week can be found by going to The Course web site. 

“I loved it – more from Graham please. He is a most unusual and stimulating lecturer with an exceptionally broad range of reference and refreshing fearlessness in making links”
Member of the audience at the University Women's Club, Mayfair

Full course of 10 sessions - £550.00 Single lecture - £66.00

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Top picture: Unknown artist, The Cobbe Portrait of William Shakespeare, painting, claimed to be a portrait of William Shakespeare done while he was still alive. Possibly photographed by Oli Scarff. Collection: National Trust, Hatchlands Park, near Guildford, Surrey.

Lower picture: Henry Fuseli, Hamlet, Horatio, Marcellus and the Ghost (Shakespeare, Hamlet, Act 1, Scene 4)

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