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                     “Thank you for keeping the world in touch with poetry so wonderfully well”.   (Kitty Gonzalez, Malaga, New Year’s Eve 2020)

Graham Fawcett

talks about poetry and leads poetry reading retreats and literary walks. Venues include bookshops, art galleries, literary festivals, village halls, and inspirational old houses in the UK, Italy, Spain and the U.S.

Talks and poetry concerts are going to be delivered online while current circumstances prevail. A link providing you with access to a recording of a talk will be sent to you after your booking has been received. You will have a choice of a YouTube video or a downloadable audio podcast.


Times change, and the skylines with them, but many buildings where the great poets lived, worked, and met each other are still standing. Graham’s walks match these places to the poems written and read there by the poets whose thresholds they were.


Graham calls his talks about poetry ‘lecture-performances-with-readings’. He wants to give audiences a fresh experience which will feel more like listening to a live radio programme than to a lecture.


Graham’s retreats are in beautiful locations which offer the best possible opportunities for living full-time with poetry on the page and read aloud, space for reflection, and plenty of fresh air, good food, and as much company as you may want.


"You gave Chaucer to us not only with a huge breadth of knowledge but managed to present the entire subject as a great romp through the Middle Ages"
Caroline Vero
"Graham Fawcett is very good indeed. He has a marvellous knack of opening up a poet's life and instantly taking you on a colourful voyage through their life and work. Very illuminating”.
James Crowden
After West Bay's Neruda Night
“We [the audience] were more than happy to stay the course, stunned and astonished in equal measure. Stunned by the breadth and depth of Fawcett’s criticism, astonished at our luck to be living miles from a university yet participating in what, to all intents and purposes, was a post-graduate lecture, presented with immaculate complexity by a master of ceremonies par excellence.”
Elaine Beckett
"Your talk last Monday to the Wye Arts Association was unlike any other. Your lyrical presentation, illustrating through poets and poetry the heart and meaning of your talk, was uplifting, stimulating and challenging. It was received differently by each of us attending, depending on how we have experienced the depths of poetry but, nevertheless, greatly appreciated by all".
Wye Arts Association, Kent
"How grateful I am for your unfailing gift of wise counsel – whether it’s about a philosophy or the placing of a comma, you’ve been on to it. And never daunting, always friendly. Whatever happens next, I shan’t be disappointed; I’ve had a unique Autumn and Winter of one-to-one poetry-writing tutorial".
Patrick Coldstream, Hertfordshire (2021)
working with Graham on a collection
"Your work on my book taught me so much".
Celia Purcell (2022)
working with Graham on a collection

Top photo: Graham teaching a group in Rome; courtesy of Sarah Glazer
Walks: Russell Square, London
Talks: Sutton House (NT), London
Retreats: Othona, West Dorset


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